All the single ladies put your hands up! If you could see me right now,  both of my hands would be shooting to the sky. Sometimes it can feel like you’re going through a dry spell LMAO! Like have you ever seen one of your friends who has a man and your just like; HOLD UP! How do you have someone, but I don’t? I have a good personality, I can make you laugh, I’m not too bad on the eyes. What’s wrong with me?? Can I tell you a secret? Nothing. No seriously, nothing is wrong with you. You know why? Because you have value.

Your value is never going to be defined by someone else. Better yet, it’s never gonna be defined by having a relationship either. It’s defined by just being you! If you read that and thought value, what’s my value? Realize you already have an idea of what that is. Do you remember above when you said “ I have a good personality, I can make you laugh.? Those are things that are specific to you. And you can even go deeper than that. What are things that you like about yourself? For example; are you a good listener, are you friendly, do you create some amazing ramen noodles.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out what makes you great.

What are some things I do well?

What are goals that I have for myself?

Who are my role models and why?

What are things that I’m proud of?

I’m sure you read all of this and was like what do you know, didn’t you say you were single? If you don’t know your value outside of a relationship, how will you know it inside of one? The last thing you want is for your value to be tied to a person. There’s no guarantee how long they will stay. But you have to live with you forever. So when they leave where does your value go?


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