Blac Chyna launched a new skin bleaching cream with Dencia called Whitenicious. The cream was sold for $250 US dollars and had its debut was in Nigeria. The cream sold out within the first 48 hours.

When I heard about Blac Chyna selling the bleaching cream it made me think about the history of bleaching.

Skin bleaching has a connection to colonialism especially in Nigeria. Back then, skin color was related to class. Those who had a lighter skin tone had more privilege than those with darker skin.

Many women say that bleaching also makes them more attractive to men and increases their prospects of getting married. 

I think Blac Chyna going to Nigeria to sell the cream is upsetting because she’s taking advantage of a society where 77% of the population uses bleaching products. It’s a product that also is very unhealthy for the body. Skin thinning, scarring, kidney failure are just some if the few health problems caused by bleaching.

What’s your opinion, do you think bleaching still has an affect on society today?


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